2024 IDC Spotlight: Effective Load Balancing Drive Business Agility and Growth

Published by Cloudflare

Applications are the lifeblood propelling growth, productivity, and agility for every organization. End users demand personalized and real-time experiences within their apps, prompting organizations to innovate and meet the need in a scalable and secure way.

But modern applications – driven by compute-heavy functions like collaboration and AI – strain legacy systems of delivery. As a result, infrastructure teams are forced to make cost, performance, and security tradeoffs.

A connectivity cloud offers composable, cloud-native load balancing, allowing organizations to deliver innovative applications without introducing complexity, escalating costs, or creating security gaps. Read this IDC Spotlight report to understand:
• The multi-cloud landscape affecting application delivery
• Limitations of legacy appliance-based traffic management
• How Cloudflare delivers scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency

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