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Redefining Modern Enterprise Storage for Mission-critical Workloads

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The digital business demands being placed on enterprise-scale IT organizations are now so extreme that IT infrastructure, especially storage, must evolve to help meet them. According to ESG research, 98% of IT organizations have digital transformation activities on their roadmap. Digital transformation goals fuel multiple business opportunities, including becoming more operationally efficient (reported by 56%), developing innovative new products and services (38%), and even developing entirely new business models (25%). In modern environments, IT infrastructure ties directly to revenue creation, cost avoidance, and risk reduction.

As digital business has evolved, so too has the definition of “mission-critical, enterprise-grade” data storage. Enterprises are faced with greater digital needs and are putting more pressure on IT. Therefore, IT organizations must demand more from their IT vendors. Dell Technologies, a leader in modern enterprise storage, continues to innovate and evolve its technology to meet the mission-critical needs of the most demanding IT environments.

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